Monday, July 27, 2015

We and Love!

“…it only matters that you love.”

The most beautiful feeling in the word. However, is love enough for two people? Is love the only feeling people have for each other? What about being soul mates or support to each other or friends, in that case? Surely, we can name a relationship the way we want.

So why do we fear to name it! I wonder…may be we are not sure ourselves.

Well, I fell in love last year. At least I think I did! Well, surely I did. Argh! This is not the point. The point is the feeling…

He made me feel good. As they say, the first love is always special. Yes, it is. No matter how it ends, it is always the perfect relationship, to have that eccentric feeling and the impeccable and magical relationship.

It is perfect, isn’t it? The first touch. The first glance. To smile to each other meaninglessly. The laughter with each other. The first kiss. And the first fight. The passion that comes with the first time is enigmatic. To give in to each other completely. The newfound romance. To be just us! Well, isn’t this what we desire always?

Do what you desire to do.
We desire to be the best for each other, even though the future is bleak.

Then, when the future is sad and hurting, the present becomes a chaos. You think where you went wrong, and reimagine and recreate everything in your mind to find that loose end to tie and to make the past your present again. Well, not all times people are to be blamed; only the circumstances made it look bad, may be.

The past seems like yesterday, then, and yet, you want the future to be like the past. Hell, you want the present to be that magical again. And as they say, first love is the first love is the first love! No one can ever beat that!

Feelings and the past are a deadly combination, and people should believe in a bright tomorrow! 
However, the past gives you beautiful memories. In addition, those memories sometimes hurt.
People might say it is time to move on and to give each other personal space, but what about not moving on with someone else, but to make the circumstances more interesting and endearing for the same person! Isn’t this also a feeling one can have? May be the other person might have moved on, and you might know that and yes, it hurts like hell to be standing on that same place…to be stranded and to see your “world” moving away, but isn’t it about your feelings? Have a different perspective, always.

Yes, feelings are the big words. However, feelings should always make one happy. If loving the same person gives a different perspective to your life, then go for it. And if you think, your future will look good if you had different perspective, then you should go for it. Be true to your feelings and do what your heart wants because in the end it is your life.

Sometimes, yes, I do wish, I acted in different way that time to make the present and the future beautiful. In the end, it is always about what “I” want and desire. Always do what your hearts want even if the world and the people ask and say not to! Love, work, read, breathe on your terms always. 
Always do it how you want to do it. Yes, consult and refer, but take the decision that you always wanted to.

First, it might hurt to be the odd one out, but the result will always make you look back with a smile and you will know you made the right decision. In the end it is always the love, I mean the feelings, that matters!

Moreover, about loving the person when the relationship has already ended? Umm…Will think about later. Still now, the past does make my present look happy…

Well, one thought though, relationships should be crafted with reason and sense also. If the people can’t respect each other then there can be no love as well…

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

WE and NEW!!

Away from known, I have come,
Gone are the days of home.
Not knowing what future holds.
Yet standing to walk forward.

These words sound familiar to those who have come away from home for work or studies. I sometimes wonder if I have stayed in my city I wouldn't have felt this depressingly gloomy and miserably poignant. I would have been happy there among my friends, among my family, in my room, in my home. It will have been my good ol’ life...

My city gave me my 21 years of love, happiness and bliss. I also had my share of heartbreaks. City life was of fun, courage and enthusiasm.

Wonder what may happen next,
Unknown and mysterious  rest.

Next! Yes. Life full of opportunities, chances, probabilities and prospects. It will also be of enthusiasm, passion and love.
A life where we will be skilled, trained in all the walks of life. We will teach ourselves to be proficiently qualified in our fields.

Not bad?! Huh?

Our dreams are to be triumphant in our lives despite of how longingly we look back at our past. Our past may be very blissful to look at. But it is our future that we have to make a success of heavenly pleasure.

Past where mom’s cooking was delicacies. Nowadays food is the sole reason to be healthy.
Past where our room is our room. Now we learn the art of sharing.
Past where studies were easy. Now it is being a professional.
Past where home works were a bore. At this time assignments need to be interesting.

Present and future!
Surprises ye have.
Yet how fun ye will be.

Next, I don’t know what will happen. Then I don’t know how I may be.
Next I don’t know how I will fare. Then I don’t know how successful I will be.

Future may be this, that, etc, etc. All I want is an honest, truthful and sincere life of opportunities, where I will learn, be trained, gain knowledge and achieve wisdom and live my life to the fullest.

New city. New place. New work. New life.
Fresh opportunities. Bright sunbeams.
Vivid aims. Colourful dreams.
Vibrant plans. Innovating ideas.

I don’t want to be brooding and gloomy about my past. Past should be memories which I will fondly remember.
I want my future to be enthusiastically passionate. My present should be bright and vivid where I can pave my future through.

"Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing."

Thursday, June 20, 2013

WE and ALONE!!

Own life. Living on my / your own. Being the master of my / your own actions.

Sometime or the other we all want that... We all want to be alone where we and only we are the masters.

‘I like to stay alone.’

Yes, this is one of the dreams that we dream. We like to stay alone not for always but for some time in our life.

I wanted to stay alone meaning away from home. Away from my parent’s protective eyes. At first I wanted to see whether I can live on my own, in a different city, whether I can protect myself and sustain myself. But now, I want to live alone, because, living alone has its own magic. We learn to work on our own, we become independent, and we become disciplined.

In our future place, we have rules. Rules of being alone! Some say rules are made to be broken. But in my heart I don’t want these rules to be broken, however golden the rebel opportunities are... I want the rules to stay... You are stunned to read this, but think, rules are there to make us independent, disciplined individuals. Self-reliance is the key to success.

Coming back to ‘alone’. Yes, this word is strong in every sense. Some say alone means there is no one to go to, no friends, no fun life, etc, etc. And some say alone is all about being for your own self, dreaming for yourself, living for yourself. And yes, thinking like this, everything is right about this, it makes me confident!

Alone! Hostel Life! When I think about it, I am scared, I start crying, I get emotional! I dread being alone!

But, why should I be emotional? Why should I dread?

Being here with my family was a usual life.
And then this life will be a routine life.
After settling down, that would be my regular life.
I shout it to myself knowing my heart won’t understand.
I think about my family.
My dreams say family is with you always.
I wonder whether I will make moments for them!
Thoughts say love will always make time.

Being in a known city.
Knowing an unknown city.
Looking back to my life.
Searching my life ahead!

Leaving behind the warmth.
Accepting the new care.
In love with retrospect’s.
Understanding the prospects.

It’s like magic.
Being free. Being able.
It’s like moving forward.
Being known. Being recognized.

Being alone has its perks, but I won’t let it bog me down. Being alone is my new routine life.

At first it might not be in the way we want, but in time it will be. If our choice is being alone, we should work on that, live our life, achieve our dreams. Family is always there. We are always there.

Friday, June 07, 2013

WE and What Ifs!!!


Uncertain and unsure life ahead...

What will happen next? How my future will be? Will my life shape according to my choices?

We always have these questions in our mind. We always think about the future.

My friends and I are constantly thinking about our future for the next two years.
What will happen? Will my dreams become reality? Will I get what I want? Will the teachers love me?
But, don’t you think that we are missing out on life now. We have omitted the joys of being a graduate. Yes, I know, the results are uncertain, given what we have written. But, we have finished college. That itself calls for a celebration.

Yet, here we are, thinking about our post graduation and work days.

True, that we need planning and preparation for our future. For that top ground breaking place, we need to think about our future.
But, that doesn't mean we will forget about our very present.

You must be thinking why I am talking about present and future, because we all know these basics.
Yes, we all know that we should live in the present, future will be shaped accordingly. Yet, we end up thinking about ‘What will happen’ or ‘What if’!

What will happen if I am not selected? What if my parents don’t talk to me anymore because I didn't choose what they chose for me! What will happen if I screw up on my first day? What if I don’t get the first place? What if he got a better offer than me? And so on...  and there are also What will happen if he/she rejects me?? What if that I don’t deserve him/her? What will happen if my boyfriend/girlfriend leaves me? What will happen if he/she falls in love with someone good looking than me? And so forth…

Okay so innumerable what ifs & what will happens. And our present vanishes in this innumerable in this…

You must be thinking that we need to address these “Innumerable what ifs & what will happens” to make our future bright.

But our future will shine only if we work on making us shine… Thinking about these questions and procrastinating them will never make us shine… And if we work on living our present will surely have a shining future… 
And also about asking the right ‘what ifs and what will happen’. Like What will happen if I choose a degree course instead of a diploma course? What if I join this institution instead of this college? What will happen If I loved him/her for what he/she is? What if I give this relationship some time instead of coming to conclusions?

Yes, addressing the right questions makes life simple. But we need to have that affirmative feeling in our questions and also that optimistic attitude to whatever life offers. Yes, you may say all time optimism is hard, when we don’t get what we want. But being sad and crying and feeling disgusted with what we never wanted yet got nevertheless, will never make us happy.

Living our life today is what matters. These what ifs and what will happens come and go. We need to be living today so that as we all say to have a bright and shining future. Addressing the right questions, dealing with life with that smile and that correct attitude helps…

 “Life is not in our hands, Living is.” .. ..

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WE and HOPE!!

Wish. Expectation.  Yearning. Longing. Crave. Wait. Pine. Want. In other words Hope.
Hope. But what is this ‘hope’? Why do we hope?

'Hey, what are you writing?'



'An assignment of ours.'

'Oh! Okay! But hope? Didn't your professor get anything else?'

'Why? What’s wrong? Our world glides forward with hope. Our lives are based on hope.'

'Hmm. But hope? Our lives are based on reality not hopes and wishes.'

'Nope. Hope is an important element in our lives… Without hope nothing works.'

'Bullshit. Hope, luck wish, expectation, these are nothing but time wasting elements. They are a misuse of our time, the time where we can do real work; give real efforts to our dreams.'

'Maybe for you. But for me hope is expecting the reality the way I want. Wishing a perfect dream reality.'

'My lady that is a dream, not a reality. Real means accepting reality. But you are dreaming a dream which you hope that it turn out to be a real vision. But sorry to say that doesn't happen in real.'

'Christopher Reeve said, "Once you choose Hope, anything’s possible."'

'Okay. But hope is only hope. One has to be real and practical to achieve that hope. Only hope doesn't get you anything or get you anywhere.'

'Students hope for good marks, would be parents hope to get a boy generally, people hope for better job opportunities, hope for perfect life partners, hope for a comfortable  home, better lifestyle, etc.'

'Right, but good marks, better job opportunities, comfort homes with lifestyle can be achievable if one works in achieving those. If a person aims in achieving these and works hard he will surely get it. He doesn't have to hope for that. And for a boy or girl it’s not about hope or wish, it's about culture and education.'

'It's my belief that with hope everything is possible. We can go miles and achieve our aims with hope. And if we are lucky we will achieve what we hoped for.'

'Lucky? There is no such word as luck. One needs to work hard to achieve one’s dream. Luck and hope never works if there is no hard work with aim and consistency of honesty, integrity and vision.'

'Hope brings happiness. It brings the sunshine in our lives. Hope is the rainbow of wishes and desires in our real life.'

'Wow. Except that rainbow of sunshine happiness is short-lived if one doesn't aim to achieve their dreams in real.'

'I hope to understand your real hope, and you understand my dream hope.'

'That’s nice. But I would stick to my "real hope" and you carry on with your "dream hope".'

…......... Hope. "Hope doesn't bring sorrow with itself. In relationships, hope drives us to come closer."  One can surely hope, but one has to be real and dream real to achieve that hope.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


We love when we have an option, preference, chance, selection or an alternative. In short we need these Choices.

These words, actually, these are life savers, which we seek whenever we are in a dilemma, or a problem. In our crisis they bring in a cool breeze of happiness.

‘I have a choice, and I will decide what I want/need.’ Yes, saying this sentence gives a win-win feeling! But do we ever think but that choice might do to our family and friends?!
I recently had to make a choice! I made that choice! My subconscious mind did think what it might lead to my family, but my conscious just thought about what I will get if I made that choice, what I will gain, and what I want. But as we say it’s our life, it’s our choice! And this choices, I am sure will hurt our families in the beginning. But they will identify with it by and by... Their understanding is our hidden strengths!

Making a choice is not as difficult as making our family understand why we prefer that choice! And may be in that process we will select a better choice for ourselves! Or maybe our confidence in our choice will grow...
Yes, you may say that ‘It’s our choice and our life’ so why do we need to consider about what family and friends might think! But we need to! When we see that sparkle we have in their eyes after accepting our decision. It’s a feeling of the millennium! It’s a feeling which no one can buy!

Having a choice is good, because in that way, we tend to know what we really want!
Selecting science arts or commerce! Going to a college in Mumbai or Bangalore or staying in my city! Selecting a job offer or starting a business or chasing that dream! Selecting the house with a pool or with a lawn. Preferring a car with music system or not! Cooking Chinese or continental for dinner! Wearing a sari or a gown to the cocktail party! Colour of the drapes should contrast or be similar to the room colour! And many more…
Choices! Preferences! About profession, work, studies, attire, even whom to choose as our friends and whom to marry etc, etc. This is an endless list. Each day we have choices to make. Some are beneficial to us and some are beneficial to others but all those choices guide us in our life. But choices are influential and significant in our lives.

The choices I faced are mostly about studies! And I am yet to know whether they were/are wise choices or….
The options to choose from are infinite and sometimes they make me feel that I should run away from these choices and wait for someone else to make that choice! But it’s all about taking a chance to make that choice to change the course of my life hopefully in a positive outcome! Isn't it?

Choices should be chosen wisely! But we shouldn't be disheartened if that choice wasn't a winner! We just need to imbibe the positives, understand our mistakes and try again…
But choices when made by own selves are the best choices. Choosing left or right, should be entirely an individual choice! A choice of being happy!!
 A choice like studying, to have a job which our hearts want, which will inspire our lives in a positive upbringing and making our family and friends understanding it, is a much needed choice to make our society a better living place!

As my friend says ‘If that's how powerful choices are, and if we really love making one for ourselves, then let's make them wisely.’

Sunday, May 12, 2013

WE and UNCERTAIN '???'....

Will I get full marks? Does he/she love me? Do I look good in this attire? Am I pretty? I am no good for this job.
We have so many questions in our lives. We ask this type of questions innumerable times to ourselves. Am I good enough? Am I eligible for this job? Or it can be like I am no good; I don’t know what will happen to me; should I do this?; I can’t aim that high; I would not be able to accomplish my goal...  And many more…

Uncertainty is part of life... We all live with that hazy element... But, our present is not muddled… It’s clear... It is evident and visible if we look for it… And in that sense, we make our future, pretty clear too… Our future is designed by our present…

But we always have these questions! We always come up with questions which are inaccurate, off beam, uncertain, and vague. We always are not clear in our mind… If we are clear for one thing, we may be vague about another. We always fear about the future and think about the past… In this way we don’t enjoy our present life…

And these questions are often asked to another person. Their views and opinions always matter more than our own heart says. But why do we need to ask these uncertain questions to ourselves or to others? Why we need to know these answers?

Getting full marks, sure matters, one will definitely get that, if one had studied. One is always good in his or her jobs if one knows his or her job! Beautiful heart is more necessary than a pretty face, I guess. One can aim as much high as he or she wants, one can aim for all that positivity, inspirations and optimism. One can definitely be certain in his or her mind and heart.

I am not saying one can’t ask any questions. Sure, one can! But those questions should not take a toll in one’s life. The uncertain questions are mainly unenthusiastic and unconstructive which can cause depression, dejection, hopelessness, misery, gloominess etc… I had often thought in my past that I am fat, I am not fair, I can’t get ninety out of hundred, I am not made for these subjects, or for these beautiful dresses. Trust me, they made it worse. I was gloomy and sad, and everything deteriorated.

So, we need to say yes to positivity and optimism. Moreover we need to ask the right questions! We need to be certain and confident for those correct questions and reach our goals. A little uncertainty is always there, but we should be clear, say 99%...

We need to ask questions like; What is my dream for my future? How should I build my vision? How should I create my imagination into reality? How do I need to present myself to the outer world? How me and my work should be, that we both get positive recognition, respect and admiration? We need to be certain about: I am an amazing person, I am beautiful from my heart, and I love myself and aspire to be an optimistic person with confidence.

We may not get the answers at that moment. It might take time to reach our goals. To get to that creation, we need to be patient. To get to that ambition we need to be stable. And we need to have that trust, belief, faith, hope and confidence in ourselves!

One may say I am vague but not for the correct questions!

“Confidence is something you create within yourself by believing in who you are.”